stacked communion trays for church service held by ushers or other releigious leaders
  Firstly, the translucent base of the Swirla Communion Trays (originally called 'Communion One') was made using a low volume process called vacuum forming that involved a lot of finishing. This is the same process that is used for making the kinds of inserts that you find in chcolate biscuit packets, so we were pushing the process to its limits. At this point demand for the communion trays began to increase steeply, meaning that vacuum forming was no longer the best way to make them. We spent several months developing, and a lot of money on an injection moulding tool. Finally the new trays became available. They are now take 32 cups (instead of 28 previously), the lid fit is better, they are many times stronger, the colour is now more consistent, and they are made from certified food grade plastic.
As before, the lid is still made from matte annodised aluminium.