modern church or sanctuary communion tray for religious use

Why is the freight free?
Rather than paying a retailer mark up, we pay the freight instead.
What kind of cups are used?
Small plastic cups available from most church supply stores are suitable (normally around $20-$30 per 1000). These are approximately 2-3 cm in diameter and 3 cm high. Glasses can also be used.
Can you use them with bread?
In the centre of the tray you place wafers/ water crackers that have been broken up. Bread cut into small pieces can also be used.
How many cups does each tray carry?
32 cups (previously it was 28 cups)
How high can you stack them?
We recommend up to 6 high, but in reality we have seen a stack of fully laden communion trays 20 high carried with ease. A pip on each foot of the tray fits into the tray below helping to keep them safely stacked.
How large are the trays?
22.5cm long x 42cm wide x 4cm high

Frequently Asked Questions